The team at CreditWorks Data Solutions will help you access real-time credit referencing information with New Zealand’s first, and most comprehensive, positive trade debtor (positive data) credit referencing system, CRISworks.



The specialist team at CreditWorks credit management solutions provides outsourced credit management services tailored to meet your needs. This team charges based on the results achieved.



CreditWorks Financial Solutions provides a unique financial services product that purchases 100% of your debtors on a non recourse basis. We provide you with cashflow certainty and allow you to drive growth in your core business activities.



If you would like to talk to us about any of the solutions we have to offer, please don't hesitate to contact as as we would be more that happy to answer any questions you may have


a positive trade debtor (positive data) credit reporting system


CRISworks provides the most comprehensive primary data

Real Time

CRISworks - a real time credit reporting system

Internet Based

Access CRISworks anywhere, anytime

Cost Saving

Increase cash flow - decrease the amount written off

Our Services 

Credit checks for companies 

  • tell whether a company is creditworthy and whether it will be able to fulfill its obligation of prompt payment.
  • ensure that your business only deals with clients with a low risk of insolvency and sound working capital and thus reducing the risk of default in payment.

Credit reports for companies 

Our commercial credit reports provide a complete and in-depth analysis of the credit information of any potential vendor, customer or prospect in New Zealand so that you can make the best decision for your business.

Credit check a company - protect your company from the risk of bad debt.

With over 350 major New Zealand Companies supplying their entire debtor ledgers to our database and with financial information on more than 1.9 million commercial customers, CreditWorks through CRISworks is the leading credit information supplier in New Zealand.

Companies credit check

Perform a company credit check to understand a company’s historical and current financial status.At CreditWorks, we provide this information so that you can grow your business without increasing its risk exposure.

Online credit checks for companies

CreditWorks through CRISworks allows you to instantly check a company’s credit report online. make quick and well-informed decisions about who you do or don’t want to do business with.

  •  have access to up-to-date credit information about current and potential customers and suppliers.

Our credit reports are designed so that whether you’re a small business owner or an expert in finance you can make an informed business decision in a matter of seconds.

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