Business Credit Reporting

The team at CreditWorks Data Solutions will help you access real-time credit referencing information with New Zealand’s first, and most comprehensive, positive trade debtor (positive data) credit referencing system, CRISworks.

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Credit Management Outsourcing

The specialist team at CreditWorks credit management solutions provides outsourced credit management services tailored to meet your needs. This team charges based on the results achieved.

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Retention Insurance

Retention Insurance provides sub contractors with the security of knowing their retention payments WILL be made, when engaging with a construction company that has retention insurance for their project.

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Financial Solutions

CreditWorks Financial Solutions provides a unique financial services product that purchases 100% of your debtors on a non recourse basis. We provide you with cashflow certainty and allow you to drive growth in your core business activities.

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PPSR Services

Personal Property Security Registrations – “Do them myself?” Or, “Do them for me?” Fortunately CreditWorks offers you both options: PPSR+ Portal, our modern, self-managed, super efficient, and user-friendly PPSR portal or PPSR Management where our experienced staff handle it all for you.

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Why choose CRISworks

A positive trade debtor (positive data) credit reporting system

Cost Saving – Increase Cashflow – Decrease the amount written off.

Save your business money by increasing cashflow and decreasing the amount written off.


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