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Positive Trade Debtor Credit Reporting & Monitoring

CreditWorks Data Solutions provides comprehensive credit reporting through CRISworks, New Zealand’s first real-time, Internet-based, commercial, trade debtor credit reporting system.

CRISworks Overview

Through CRISworks, CreditWorks is able to provide the most comprehensive primary data – key supplier information – available in New Zealand.

Launched in 1998, CRISworks was New Zealand’s first, and most comprehensive, reporting system of it’s kind.

The positive data philosophy relies on all users providing debtor data to build an industry specific view of debtors. To ensure the spirit of positive data reporting is upheld, a strict code of practice is adhered to.

What is CRISworks?

A live up-to-date financial trading information website on NZ Companies, providing reports and utilising monitoring services to alert users to changes in the structure and credit behaviour of their customers.

Why do I need it?

To remain informed, and thereby protect my business against potential bad payers, and ultimately minimise the risk of losing money via bad debts.

Online trade debtor reporting:  How does it work?

By gathering current customer lists, and credit trading records (debtor trial balances) from participating companies on a regular basis (daily in many instances) and then collating the information into reports that reflect trading values and patterns of the customers on those lists. By also monitoring Companies Office records, via a direct link to the Companies Office, and accessing adverse information such as Court Judgments, debtor defaults, and Public Notices, we are able to keep our client Companies informed on the behaviour of their customers in the wider credit marketplace.

The benefits

By accessing the information at the outset, you can ensure you don’t trade with disreputable, or high risk, potential customers. And by remaining informed throughout your existing customer relationships, you are the first to know of credit behaviour changes which may represent a greater debt risk to your business going forward.

Ultimately the benefits are in reduced debt losses to your business.

Why are we unique

  • We are the largest Commercial Positive database of it’s kind in NZ, offering financial information on over 1.9 million commercial customers. We have over $1.7 billion of debtor data in the CRISworks database at peak times.
  • We have more than 320 major NZ Companies supplying entire debtor ledgers to the database.
  • We hold data on 85% of customers of the Building Supply industry, as well as on 8 other significant business sectors
  • We are managed by experienced Credit personnel, who can offer a wide range of advice and services related to the credit industry.

If you want to find out more about CRISworks, our trade debtor credit reporting system, please Contact Us