CreditWorks Financial Solutions provides a unique financial services product that purchases 100% of your debtors on a non recourse basis. We provide you with cashflow certainty and allow you to drive growth in your core business activities.

Why should you choose CreditWorks Financial Solutions?

  • CFS Partners
    CFS partners with your business to save you time and money.

  • We liquefy
    We liquefy one of your business’ largest assets into cash by purchasing your Debtors at a competitive price.

  • Convert Debtors to Cash
    The conversion of Debtors into cash provides cashflow certainty and allows the business cash that can be deployed to expand the business footprint, stock range, renegotiate Purchase terms or clear preferential creditors, etc

  • Experts at Debtor Collection
    We are experts at Debtor collection and work closely with you to ensure that your clients receive excellent customer service

  • No Recourse
    There is no Recourse, the payment you receive is yours!

  • Free up FTE resource
    The product allows you to ‘free up FTE resource’ that can be re deployed elsewhere within your organisation by bringing the day to day management of the Debtor book into the Creditworks fold.

Financial Solutions Website

For more information please visit out Creditworks Financial Solutions website