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CreditWorks is excited to announce the arrival of our modern, self-managed, super efficient, and user-friendly PPSR portal – PPSR+

Offering fewer “clicks”, greater transparency, and easy bulk registration uploads and renewals, this is just the start of the many features of this exciting new addition to the CreditWorks portfolio of services.


The PPSR is an important tool to ensure you retain ownership of your goods until they are paid for. However its benefits go way beyond the repossession aspect. It can give you better protection against voidable transactions (liquidators “clawback”) as well as  priority access to the proceeds of your goods if already paid for. It also allows you to claim on work in progress, or a share in any asset your product may have contributed to. A PPSR registration is a must for anyone supplying goods on credit. Our new PPSR+ Portal makes the process easier!

Pricing of our PPSR+ Portal

  • No hosting fees
  • Cheaper registrations
  • No set-up costs

Key Benefits of the CreditWorks’ PPSR+ Portal

  • Bulk upload option*: The customer can use a standard template to complete basic details and then upload multiple registrations into the system.
  • Bulk discharges & amendments*: These can be accommodated upon request.
  • Simplicity of registrations: User-friendly portal that allows storage of collateral statements and other information, so this information only needs to be loaded once, at the outset.
  • Due to expire: At any time the client can see what registrations are due to expire by the end of the following month and renew easily, by ticking the renewal box.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing ensures that PPSR+ is the cheapest option on the market for registrations and amendments, other than by a direct G2B interface link with the Companies Office.
  • Direct link from CRISworks site: When running a CreditWorks Commercial Report, the option is available for a PPSR registration to be pre-populated and lodged on the company being searched, direct from the CRISworks site.
  • Automatic monitoring of the NZ Companies Office for name and status changes and auto amendment service, if necessary, to your Financing Statement.

*Not available via other links or portals.



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