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CRISworks – Functions and Service

CRISworks can do the work for you with a number of unique functions and services
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Functions and services

CRISworks can do the work for you with a number of unique functions and services that will enable you to stay on top your debtors’ portfolio without too much effort on your part. This up to the minute information will allow you to make well-informed credit decisions about your customers.

Increase cash flow and decrease the amount written off

Used well our reports can assist in increasing cash flow and decreasing the amount written off. The reports provide

  • Real time benchmarking analysis of your debtors portfolio
  • Early warning of customers to be watched and an opportunity to withhold supply if it is clear that the customer cannot pay within your expectations

Receive instant notifications of customer changes

The CRISworks system can generate instant notification of

  • a change in legal status of a customer
  • a public notice published about a company on your debtors list
  • changes at the Companies Office relating to companies on your debtors list
  • CRISworks users default advices.
  • defaults lodged by collection agencies
  • judgments handed down by the District Courts.

Consolidate your reporting

If you are operating multiple branches, businesses or companies that are on different accounting, and/or IT operating platforms we can provide a consolidated reporting suite designed to your needs. This will enable identification of debtor combined credit limits, across entities and overall exposure to a common debtor.

The team at CreditWorks can often achieve this more economically and quicker than other in-house solutions.

If you want to find out more about CRISworks, our trade debtor credit reporting system, please Contact Us