CRISworks – How it works

How does our CRISworks system work?

Australian Credit Report Example
  • To have access to CRISworks you must provide your debtor data on a regular basis. Your data is added to the CRISworks database with debtor data from other companies in your industry. We call you Contributing Users.
  • Although you will have access to competitor debtor data, and they yours, this data is aggregated, so no supplier can see other suppliers’ specific data. Additionally, all Contributing Users agree to adhere to a strict code of practice that prevents anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Once you are a Contributing User, you will have full access to CRISworks online. CRISworks is easy for you to use and it has the capability to monitor chosen credit reporting criteria for you. CRISworks will then do the work for you, e.g. instant, real-time reminders of changes to the status of, and credit behaviour of your customers.

If you want to find out more about CRISworks, our trade debtor credit reporting system, please Contact Us