CRISworks – Information Provided

CRISworks provides a comprehensive view of the customer

Australian Credit Report Example

CRISworks enables you to have a comprehensive view of your customers and as such a complete credit status and history.

View the complete credit history of a customer in one place

CRISworks provides a comprehensive view of the customer by providing all credit history related data in one place. There should be no need to use multiple sources to complete the credit history picture.

Gain access to a longitudinal credit history

CRISworks enables you to see the complete picture of any debtor’s credit history within your given industry including the aged indebtedness of a company. This credit history will enable you to make more accurate decisions on…

  • Which of your existing customers are at risk of defaulting on payment now and/or in the future
  • Whether a potential customer should be offered credit
  • Who you should continue to trade with.

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