1.  The CRISworks System licence provides user organisations with the facility to assess creditworthiness of existing and potential clients; users will ensure that this is the only purpose for which enquiries will be made.
  2.  User organisations will ensure that only authorised users will access the system for credit enquiries. Where an approved users employment is terminated, access to the system will be disabled by the user organisation system administrator to prevent unauthorised access.
  3.  User organisations will ensure, prior to making enquiries, that customer authorisation has been obtained. Eg via Terms & Conditions of credit application.
  4.  Information sourced from the CRISworks system will not be distributed outside the user organisation.
  5.  Use of the data obtained from the CRISworks system will be in accordance with New Zealand legislation. Eg Privacy Act.
  6.  Any misuse of the CRISworks system, whether accidental or deliberate, will be advised to CreditWorks Data Solutions Limited.
  7.  Any notification (positive or negative) of account stops must be genuine, and reflect actions taken on the merchant’s own database.
  8. Data supplier organisations will ensure the integrity of their data on a periodic basis, through system and data audits.
  9.  Without limiting the other provisions of this code of conduct, user organisations agree that they will not use the fact that other user organisations have agreed to contribute customer data for use on the CRISworks system as the basis for discouraging customers or potential customers from purchasing from such other user organisations or any other person.