CreditWorks Solutions Limited was established in 1998 to facilitate the management of a creditor ledger for a division of one of New Zealand’s largest corporates.

Working with the client, they facilitated formulation of a robust and commercially focused credit policy, and have managed that ledger since. They have managed within a short period of time to reduce bad debts on an ongoing basis, and maintain an exceptionally high collection rate for their client.

WHO would benefit from using CreditWorks Solutions outsourced credit management service?

Any organization that has a creditor ledger that they want managed professionally, and consistently on an ongoing basis, while your company can focus on your core business, in whatever field you operate.

You will know that the CreditWorks Solutions team will focus on the best outcome for you, and not be influenced by any issues outside of the agreed credit policy.

The CreditWorks team constantly monitors credit management Best Practice processes to identify new tools or processes that can better manage your creditors.

WHAT benefits can I expect to see from outsourcing my credit management to CreditWorks Solutions?

CreditWorks Solutions has a team of experienced credit management personnel that focus purely on managing your creditor ledger on your behalf.

Leveraging off this capability, you can access these resources to:

  • Formulate credit policy.
  • Manage account opening process, including credit checking.
  • Manage the accounts to ensure compliance with agreed policies.
  • Follow up on collection of debts due and overdue.
  • Prepare documentation for any recovery or legal action required.
  • Facilitate trade credit insurance where required, and manage any claims under trade credit insurance.

WHEN can I expect to start seeing the benefits of my credit management being carried out for me by CreditWorks Solutions?

IMMEDIATELY! Ledger is cleaned up from day one, and then managed in accordance with policies ongoing.

WHERE do I see the benefits of outsourced credit management for my company?

  • Reduction in in-house personnel responsible for credit management.
  • Peace of mind the creditor ledger is being managed by professional and experienced credit management personnel.
  • Regular reporting status of ledger and problematic account status.
  • Credit decisions are made driven by agreed policy, and not influenced by emotional factors.

WHY would I choose CreditWorks Solutions to manage my creditors ledger on my behalf?

  • Over X years or credit management experience within CreditWorks Solutions ensure access to high calibre credit management personnel.
  • Assurance that your creditors ledger is being managed by professional with a focus on just managing your ledger, to ensure the best outcome for your organisation.

HOW do I get started?

  • Call us on (09) 520 0626.
  • Contact Ronnie Tan on (021) 583507 or Damien Martin on (021) 449461.
  • Email Ronnie Tan at Ronnie.tan@creditworks.co.nz
  • Contact us via the Contact Us page on this website.