WHO would benefit from the CFS debtor finance facility?

Small to medium business’s looking to realise cash or working capital from non-income producing asset.

WHAT benefits can I expect from using the CFS debtor finance facility?

Once CFS takes over your ledger, you can immediately save on costs, as CFS will be manager your debtors, and account collection processes.

You will immediately increase your cash flow, having been paid in full* for your debtors outstanding balances.

*Subject to meeting CFS criteria.

WHEN do I start seeing the benefits of CFS debtor financing?

The benefits happen immediately, once CFS has reviewed your current ledger, and agreed on the debtors that meet CFS criteria. And these savings are ongoing!

Where do I see cost savings through using CFS debtor financing?

You will see savings within your business through:

  • Reduced funding costs
  • Reduced credit control costs
  • No trade credit insurance costs
  • No bad debts
  • No provision for bad debts
  • How do I get started?

WHO do I talk to

Contact CFS either by:

  • Phoning us on (09) 520 0626.
  • Call Ronnie Tan on (021) 583 507.
  • Email Ronnie Tan at Ronnie.tan@creditworks.co.nz
  • Contact us via the Contact Us page on this website.