11 Apr

Construction Market Review / Outlook – Interview with Alan Johnston, April 2017

Alan Johnston of CreditWorks talks about construction industry debt in 2017. What are the main influencers of construction industry debt? Hardware / construction industry debt levels are based on two main factors: Volume of sales made on credit, and; Regularity of payment for those sales. while patterns of payment (payment profiles) (DSO) tend to be […]

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13 Mar

Credit Scoring – Where are all the Unicorns?

Rob Stock’s article in Stuff (06/03/2017: http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/89758411/Rob-Stock-How-my-credit-score-jumped-200-points-in-a-night) raised some interesting points regarding the impact of Positive data reporting on Credit Scores – in particular the rarity of Credit Unicorns when it comes to credit scoring. For those who didn’t see the article, it refers to those rare personnel (the Credit Unicorn) who have a credit […]

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31 Oct

Executive Summary Page

Because you are a busy person, we wanted to put everything important in front of you on one page. Thus the introduction of the new Executive Summary Page. Rather than having to wade through all the information in a Comprehensive credit report before making your credit assessment, we have endeavoured to make life a bit […]

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