19 Sep

Turnover Isn’t Everything, But It’s Important!

Congrat’s to Peter Cox, ‘Money Matters’ contributor, on his article in the September 2016 edition of the New Zealand Hardware Journal entitled Turnover Isn’t Everything. http://www.hardwarejournal.co.nz/articles/2016/september/09/turnover-isn-t-everything/ From  a long-standing Credit Manager’s point of view – never a truer word has been spoken. The message in the article is one that most Credit Managers have been […]

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18 Sep

Debtor Finance: Defined

Debtor financing has been gaining popularity the world over as a way to finance growing businesses that are in need of working capital. The solution allows businesses to finance slow-paying invoices, providing immediate funds to meet the company’s current needs. Debtor financing provides a flexible line of credit based on outstanding invoices. Businesses need debtor […]

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