Personal Property Security Registrations – “Do them myself?” Or, “Do them for me?” Fortunately CreditWorks offers you both options:

PPSR+ Portal

CreditWorks is excited to announce the arrival of our modern, self-managed, super efficient, and user-friendly PPSR portal – PPSR+

Fewer “clicks”, greater transparency and easy bulk registration uploads and renewals, are just the start of the many features of this exciting new addition to the CreditWorks portfolio of services.

And the pricing!……… No more hosting fees for a start, cheaper registrations and no cost to transfer over from your existing provider.

PPSR Management

The PPSR can be a minefield to navigate. Collateral and Financing Statements are terms foreign to many people. Accuracy of registrations is paramount and monitoring of registrations essential to ensure changes at the Companies Office are noted and amendments to registrations made when required.

Why bother learning the intricacies? Let CreditWorks experienced staff handle it all for you, and sleep well at night knowing your precious assets are recognised as yours – even when they aren’t in your possession! This can then link to the enquiry options – email and phone numbers.

Creditworks PPSR Portal
Creditworks PPSR Management