We’ve been working with a partner that specialises in Data Analytics to create a reliable, statistically sound, predictive scoring model.  Now, we can look at a company, look at the data in our massive database (and from external sources) that fits that company’s profile, and predict how likely that company is to fail in the next 18 months.  For example, we know that about 15% of all the companies with a score of 400 have failed. So if you do a report on a company with a score of 400, we can tell you that it has a 15% likelihood of failure in the next 18 months.

The Scorecard replaces our previous credit scoring system; the CRI (Credit Reference Indicator). CRI was useful, but lacked any predictive aspect. We think the Scorecard is a much better way to evaluate credit risk.

Credit Scores appear on the Dashboard page, and there are links for more information.