CRISworks at a Glance Cheat Sheet Update

CreditworksMany of you who use CRISworks regularly will have received and hopefully, use our CRISworks at a Glance quick reference guide (or Cheat Sheet as we call it). Due to the many CRISworks enhancements and appearance changes that we have made recently, we have updated CRISworks at a Glance.

Should you want an updated copy of the Cheat Sheet, feel free to contact the team at CreditWorks, and we will send you a copy.

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CRISworks Feature Update

Industry Segmentation Data

Have you ever wanted to know how well your customers are paying their accounts in your industry compared to other industries? We have added this feature to our standard CRISworks report. It’s a market segmentation chart that highlights at a glance how a customer is paying accounts in your industry compared to other industries.

This data is designed to help you to keep more abreast of a customer’s financial status and may help highlight further information that you need to gather, such as

  • “Why are they taking longer to pay me (if that is the case) when they are paying other suppliers sooner?”
  • If they are paying your industry earlier than the others, then it may reflect a “heads up” on overall cash flow difficulties and/or a desire to keep one segment of the market happy, at the expense of another

Director affiliations

One of the more important aspects of checking a Company’s credit strength is in knowing the directors and their background. Have they been involved with other companies, and if so what are, or were, those Companies credit profiles like? CRISworks can help by providing detail of any other Companies the director(s) may have been, or are, involved in via the director affiliation detail on the CRISworks standard report. In addition, you will see a summary of the level of debt and average DSO these Companies have with others on the CRISworks database.

CRISworks at a glance

If you don’t have a copy of our CRISworks at a Glance information sheet, please phone or drop a note to the office or your Account Manager, and we’ll send you one. This informative one-pager gives precise and easy to understand instructions on how to use the Reporting, Monitoring, and Administration tools in CRISworks. It will tell you the function of each report, and how to access it with a few simple mouse clicks. An important support document to optimise your understanding, and make negotiating the CRISworks site a breeze.


CRISworks Enhancements

We hope you have noticed that CRISworks now looks a little different. This is because we have updated the site and changed some things to make it easier to use. We have also added some new features that you may be interested in.

New look: CRISworks has been updated so that it is easier for you to use. There is now a user-friendly menu layout on the left hand side. And all your options are now visible rather than having to hover your mouse over the menus like before.

Be assured that all the features or CRISworks are still there. It’s just that some are in slightly different places. If you can’t find something or would like a quick overview of what has changed, please give us a call on 09 520 0626 or 0508 CREDITWORKS. We are happy to help.

Search by Company Name: Searching using a company name has an “Exact Match” option that is there by default. This means that the search will only display search results where the text you type either exactly matches or is a prefix for company names, previous names, or trading names. The search will automatically assume the name ends with “Limited” so there is no need to type that word. If you want to turn this option off, just un-tick the box.

CompanyWatch: The CompanyWatch and Watch-My-Ledger monitoring tools have been updated to give you more choice as to which company changes you want to be notified of. There are now 11 categories to chose from. For example, you can now receive director changes without also getting director address changes. You can see these in the CompanyWatch pages in CRISworks.

Note: Your existing selections will be kept the same until you decide to change them. The exception, however, is director address changes, which have been switched off. If you still want to receive director address notifications please contact us or alternatively reselect that option in your CompanyWatch set-up page.

Reports: The reports pages have been tidied up. There is no longer a single page from which all reports are launched. Instead, each report has its own page and an associated menu item in the side menu. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to find the report you want to run.

TIP: We love to chat to customers about changes to CRISworks and how the system can help. We also have vast experience in credit management so remember to give us a call to discuss anything credit management. We can be contacted on 09 520 0626 or 0508 CREDITWORKS.



This is now a well-utilised reporting option for many of you. Being able to get a business credit report on not only the company, but all its directors as part of the same enquiry minimises the time previously taken in exiting the Company Report site and entering the Consumer details separately. Accessing information on the company and all it’s directors in the same enquiry means the cost of the report works out cheaper! There is only one small fixed cost to view information on all the directors within the company enquiry versus paying for an enquiry per director. Click on Company Extra on the left-hand side of the Credit Details screen to access this report.

Set & Forget

We have upgraded this useful monitoring tool. To make it more user friendly, you can now set up your entire ledger to be watched for breaches of parameters you pre-set. Before you had to insert the information manually on each individual account, now you can activate a choice of 5 watch options on all your accounts by just clicking the box!

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