17 May

Insolvency Advice Free Offer

Insolvency Advice – ‘FREE’ Offer

CreditworksMcDonald Vague has been providing advice and expertise to companies and individuals facing financial difficulties for over 20 years. They can provide you with a liquidator’s perspective to assist in preparing defences for any insolvent transaction challenges you receive.

The McDonald Vague team has witnessed a sharp increase in businesses receiving Insolvent Transaction letters (previously known as voidable preferences) from liquidators. On some occasions the claims are for small amounts or they simply don’t meet the criteria of an Insolvent transaction.

They are offering their knowledge for free, exclusively to CreditWorks customers. Call Tony Maginness on 09 303 9511, refer to this communication and one of the team will discuss your Insolvent Transaction options for half an hour FREE of charge.

About the Author

Alan Johnston
Alan heads up the Information bureau side of the business (CRISworks) as well as providing credit expertise and consultancy to clients in the areas of Credit Management best practices, credit training, Credit Terms of Trade reviews, PPSR education, and pretty much all other credit requirements of clients in need.

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