21 Jan

Personal Property Security Register (PPSR)

ppsrThe PPSR can be a real minefield if not administered properly and maintained accurately. So, it is important to be dealing with credit wise people who can advise and manage the on-going monitoring and maintenance required, and provide assistance with queries or claims if necessary.

While you may be able to get registration services at a cheaper rate than that offered by CreditWorks, do enquire first as to the on-going assistance, guidance, and advice being offered as part of the deal, particularly if the debt goes bad and you need help dealing with the liquidator.

Ask us for advice.

About the Author

Alan Johnston
Alan heads up the Information bureau side of the business (CRISworks) as well as providing credit expertise and consultancy to clients in the areas of Credit Management best practices, credit training, Credit Terms of Trade reviews, PPSR education, and pretty much all other credit requirements of clients in need.

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